Reveal Fit Installation

A reveal fit is one where the blind is fitted inside the window frame. A part reveal fit is possible, but for the blind to be completely inside the frame, an unobstructed depth of 74 mm is required.

Step 1


Hold end cap into left side of reveal as shown. End caps are marked Left (L) and Right (R). If possible, mount cap 10mm in from front of reveal edge, screw into place with parts supplied.

Step 2

Repeat this process on the right corner of reveal.



Step 3

Insert blind into end cap, keeping thumb between top slat and head box to avoid trapping slat in end cap. 


Step 4

Close cap with firm push. Ensure small metal tongue clicks into retaining slot.

This is Important!

Step 5

Release blind by pulling lift cord at 45° across blind until “click” is heard, then lower blind gently.



Step 6 & Step 7

Remove white paper from one side of Velcro pads supplied. Attach pads to head box face approx 100mm in from each end, space extra pads evenly on head box. Remove front protective paper from Velcro pads. 

Step 8

Carefully hold pelmet in place and press firmly against Velcro.


Face Fit Installation

A face fit is where the reveals of the window are shallow (most sash windows). In this case the end caps are usually mounted on a flat part of the architrave or walls (as appropriate) and we supply pelmet returns to dress up the visible part of the head box.

Step 1

Hold end caps in position on edge of architrave as shown.


Step 2

Follow all fitting steps 2 through 8 in reveal fit instructions above.

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